Instagram Comment Classification

Do you fell your instagram post comment cluttered? 

Do you know reply your post comment increasing engagement?

Do you feel your instagram post’s comment full of spam? 


Connect to your instagram account. Using AI Technology, PERIGI will classified comment as Spam Comment or Question Comment

Awesome Features

Artificial Intelligence Technology


Automatic Spam Detection


Automatic Question Classifier

Spam Detection

Combining Integration with Artificial Intelligence Technology

PERIGI can classified all your comment  section and label it as spam and removing  forever from your comment section . Cleaner and spam free comment section can increasing your audience engagement

spam website
question website

Classified and List the Question

Our Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Model

 Make it easy to detect comment as question sentence and listed in one section. From there you could easily answer your audience question directly and hassle free.

Multi language

Our Artificial Intelligence Technology

Trained and classified 10 language as starter and  always learning from your feed back

HOW it Works

1. Authenticate Us

Sign in using Facebook Authentication Flow. Allow us to manage your Instagram content. Don't worry about your privacy. We never collect your data

2. PERIGI Process

Using our AI Technology, our Server will process and classified all your comment post to label it as spam or question

3. Apps

Result from previous process, will be informed and served back to you via our PERIGI apps

More Reasons to Love Us

Fast Process

Using sophisticated AI Model, PERIGI can classified hundred of comment in minutes

Privacy is yours

We never save your data in our server and we apply obfuscation data in our process

Easy To Use

Authorize PERIGI to manage your comment with Facebook authentication and that's all

iOS and Android

PERIGI apps can be used in Apple device and Android devices

What our beta tester say

I'm never look at comment section due a lot of spammer. But thats the past, PERIGI removing spammer from my comment section and make it cleaner and fun to read.
Instagram User
Answering the question from our instagram post is the most challenging and exhausted task. Screening where is question sentence from all over comment. PERIGI make my life easier by classified and put the question in one section.
Social Media Manager

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PERIGI is Android and iOS app that using AI Technology to classified instagram comment as spam or question

we don’t intend to charge our user  at the moment

Other than your mobile data connection, it’s absolutely free

At the moment, PERIGI in beta testing phase. Only invited user can download and use our app. To get invitation please subscribe with your email address in “subscribe and remind” section